it is an Experience.

Our main interest is creating a platform that

encourages & fosters public participation and user involvement.


We believe that art isn’t anchored by sight and sound alone, it is something more:

Experience MACAO

Interactive Door Installation

User opens the giant door to a large video installation of MACAO Tower Bungee Jumping

Experience MACAO Riverfront

Interactive Treadmill Installation

User walks on the treadmill to play the MACAO Riverfront video on the LED Display.

Maybank Go.Ahead Challenge Display Board

Real-Time  Leaderboard on Lot10 Bukit Bintang KL's LED Cube

A real-time display of MGAC's team stats where displayed onto Lot 10 Bukit Bintang KL's LED Cube during the activity challenge.

Maybank Go.Ahead Challenge Book App

Augmented Reality Corporate Handbook App

A corporate Handbook that's been given an update with Augmented Reality content for the teams involved in the challenges.





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